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StadioPlus Tech is perfect for sports & entertainment organizations, atheletes, and brands looking to own their
digital fan relationshipwith their own
direct-to-consumer platform of NFTs and launch
new business models.

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The path to your own NFT platform

It's time to talk.

Our team will contact you to understand your motivations and see how we can help you launch your own NFT platform with our technology.

It's time to close the deal.

One step closer to having your own NFT platform. We know how to help you and it's time to formalize the relationship. Choose the plan that best suits your needs and let's start working together.

Your turn-key NFT platform is ready

Our developed technology will allow you to obtain an NFT platform fully adapted to your branding needs and you will be able to create NFTs in just a few steps.

Welcome to the future 🚀

Here begins an exciting journey of new experiences together with your community - it's time to create your first NFT that allow you to monetize your audience!

One plan
to suit your business model

billed monthly
8% sales fee
Unlimited NFTs
Custom Storefront
Multiple Blockchain
Multiple Pay Method
Secondary Market
Custom URL
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Corporate Plan
9,999 €
annual payment
2,5 % sales fee
Unlimited NFTs
Custom Storefront
Multiple Blockchain
Multiple Pay Method
Secondary Market
Custom URL
Support in creation of NFTs
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Agreements closed or in advanced negotiations with players or teams from the following organisations


Why have my own NFTs platform?

A new way to monetise your community. New business models. Improve your user's experience. Above all, having full control of your audience. We've all heard the famous web3 quote "your keys, your money" - it's time to apply this to communities. Let's start together!

What blockchains do you support?

Our philosophy is to be a blockchain agnostic platform. Right now we have integrations with Ethereum Mainnet & Binance Smart Chain and very soon we will have Polygon integrated. We are working every day to increase the number of blockchains.

My NFT platform without a team of developers - is this possible?

Absolutely yes. This is why StadioPlus Tech was born, we invested a lot of money and effort in having our own marketplace and secondary market. We know how time consuming it is and that's why we want to help sports and entertainment organisations to approach the web3 world without programming a line of code. Welcome to web3!

What payment methods can you offer to users?

We offer both payment in Cryptocurrencies (ETH, BNB) and FIAT through a credit card payment gateway.

Join the future

The best solution to Have your own platform of NFTs, easiest way to create new experiences for your community.

Get your NFTs platform fully adapted to your corporate brand and start monetising your community in new ways.